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The drop down links in this section contain a number of different galleries and photo sets from different events and gatherings related to our chapter or the committee. Enjoy!

Annual Spring Banquets
Each Spring, usually the first Saturday in March, we have our annual fundraiser. This evening of fellowship and fun typically includes dinner and beverages, silent and live auctions, numerous raffles, and plenty of guns. Check out the galleries here for a look at a few of our past events, and don’t hesitate to drop us an email for information or advanced tickets for the next one!

Annual Fall Event
Whether you hunt, fish, or just enjoy the outdoors, don’t miss the Sportsman’s Night Out (SNO) party – formerly the WHP (Waterfowl Hunter’s Party) hosted by the Johnson County Chapter of Ducks Unlimited, and held each Fall at the Olathe Bass Pro Shops. The finest names in hunting, fishing and outdoor equipment will be available in a raffle-only event with food, drink, and non-stop action. No live auction, no sit down meal, just lots of fun with friends as we raise funds for wetlands conservation. You haven’t seen a DU event like this unless you were there last year!

Miscellaneous Events
Outside of our two “big” events, you may find us trying to do just a little bit more, trying to save just a few more acres here and there through additional events. Keep an eye on the blog to see what’s coming, and check out these galleries to see what we’ve been up to.

JoCo DU Afield
When we’re not raising money to preserve our natural resources, we’re usually out enjoying them… and sometimes we manage to do both at once. These galleries are a mix of hunts we have auctioned, guided, and in some cases, just some of our committee members gathering afield.

Miscellaneous Fun
Sometimes our chapter camaraderie gets the best of us, and in spite of all of the conservation efforts that bind us, it just ends up being about getting together and having fun…