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It’s a great way to have fun, meet new people who share your passion and support DU’s critical waterfowl habitat conservation work. Best yet, you can determine the level of your effort. JoCo DU volunteers assist to the level of their abilities based on their leisure time. We understand family, work and other obligations must be met. Our committee meets in a leisurely atmosphere to share stories and do a bit of heavy lifting when planning for events but each committee member works to the level they are comfortable. Whether it’s selling tickets, gathering donations, securing sponsorships, contacting government officials, or putting together one heck of a party, JoCo DU members raised over $110,000 dollars in 2010 for wetland preservation. You determine the level of your assistance to help reach future goals.

As the heart and soul of DU, dedicated volunteers envision their goal is the same as yours, to make sure the habitat is available to fill the skies for tomorrow.

Want to learn more – it’s simple – just send a quick note via our contact form or call Benton Boyd at 816-651-6182 for more information.